Reverend Jeremiah Wright was Right About Man-Made AIDS Wolf Szmuness and the Secret History of AIDS by Alan Cantwell, M.D.

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English: Jeremiah Wright and Bill Clinton at 1998 White House Prayer Breakfast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On March, 14, 2008, many Americans were infuriated by the airing of highly inflammatory video clips from various sermons by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Television viewers heard the preacher saying that the U.S. government created AIDS as a genocide program against blacks, and watched him declare “God damn America!”

As a spiritual advisor to Barack Obama, Wright’s inflammatory rhetoric threatened to derail Obama’s race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Wright, retiring at age 65, had served as pastor of the Trinity United Church in Chicago’s Southside, where Obama had been a parishioner for twenty years. Obama quickly distanced himself from Wright’s comments, and on April 29 called his remarks “ridiculous” and “offensive.”

Media Hijinx
As usual, the media denounced Rev. Wright’s AIDS accusations as “conspiracy theory,” despite the fact that half of African-Americans polled believe AIDS could have been man-made. In addition, on May 5 it was reported that CNN pulled their planned AIDS Genocide interview with Dr. Leonard Horowitz, one of a handful of doctors who has written extensively on man-made AIDS and its connection to the Hepatitis B vaccine program and other vaccine programs in Africa.

Two years ago, I gave an extensive interview on man-made AIDS to Anderson Cooper (360) at the CNN headquarters in Hollywood. I too ended up on the cutting room floor. Any serious discussion of the man-made theory of AIDS remains totally taboo in the major media, even after more than two decades. I believe the only reason the media won’t touch it is because the evidence for man-made AIDS is overwhelming, assuming, of course, that one has been exposed to the evidence. The major media obviously don’t want to present the evidence to the American people. For anyone who still thinks the media is not controlled, this attempt to censor the man-made origin of AIDS should provide proof that it is.

Is Reverend Wright a Patriotic American?
Although the media attacked Reverend Wright, he cannot be simply dismissed as a deluded and unpatriotic American. At age 20 in 1961, he interrupted his college studies to serve in the Marines. According to the Chicago Tribune (April 3, 2008), after completing two years of service in the Marines in 1963, he volunteered again to become a Navy corpsman. He did so well in corpsman school that he was the class valedictorian.

Jeremiah Wright then became a cardiopulmonary technician assigned to the Navy’s premier medical facility at Bethesda Naval Hospital, where he was a member of the Commander in Chief’s medical team helping care for President Lyndon B. Johnson after his 1966 surgery. For his service on the team, which he left in 1967, the White Houseawarded him three letters of commendation. After leaving the service, Wright finished his final year of college, entered the seminary, was ordained as a minister, and eventually became pastor of Trinity, where he served for 36 years. The Tribune concluded:

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the retiring pastor of Trinity, has been in the news for comments he has made over the last three decades. . . . Some of his comments are inexcusable and inappropriate and should be condemned, but in calling him “unpatriotic” let us not forget that this is a man who gave up six of the most productive years of his life to serve his country. While words do count, so do actions. Let us not forget that, for whatever Rev. Wright may have said over the last 30 years, he has demonstrated his patriotism.

The Hepatitis B Vaccine Origin of AIDS
For more than two decades, I have written extensively about AIDS as a man-made disease and as a covert genocide program. In that respect I totally agree with Rev. Wright, and in this article I will present the history of how HIV/AIDS originated in America, starting in 1978, when government scientists began to experiment on young, primarily white, healthy, gay and bisexual men in Manhattan as part of the experimental Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV) trials. The trials continued in various cities up to the year 1981, when the AIDS epidemic became “official” (see Cantwell, AIDS & The Doctors of Death, and Queer Blood, and to read articles on the internet Google: “alan cantwell” + AIDS).

The groundwork for the experiment began in 1973 when The Gay Men’s Health Project in Manhattan provided blood samples for Hepatitis B tests at The New York City Blood Center. The results were astonishing: Fifty percent of gay blood samples were positive for HBV; by contrast, only five percent of the blood samples from straight men were positive. Developed at the Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research at West Point, Pennsylvania, the first crude experimental vaccine was tested on chimpanzees, the only animal susceptible to the human Hepatitis B virus.

When the experimental vaccine was ready to be more widely tested in humans, several “high risk” groups were considered. These included male homosexuals, drug addicts, mentally deficient adults, Chinese-Americans, indigenous Alaskans, and patients and medical staff of kidney dialysis centers. After much debate, it was decided that young promiscuous gay men would be the best group to test the efficacy of the Hepatitis B vaccine.
Wolf Szmuness and the NY Blood Center
Wolf Szmuness, a Polish physician trained in the Soviet Union, was placed in charge of the Hepatitis B vaccine trial at the New York Blood Center. Szmuness, a Jew born in Poland in 1919, was a young medical student in eastern Poland when the Nazis invaded the country in the summer of 1939. When Poland was partitioned by Germany and Russia, Szmuness was sent to Siberia as a political prisoner. His entire family in western Poland was murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust. His years in exile in Siberia were “a long dark period that he was most reluctant to talk about.”

June Goodfield, in Quest for the Killers, provides the definitive account of the gay Hepatitis experiment. During confinement in Siberia, Szmuness was repeatedly interrogated and beaten by the Russian KGB for refusing to cooperate in spy activities. After release from detention in 1946, he was allowed to finish his medical education in Tomsk in central Russia. While a student, he married a Russian woman. He specialized in epidemiology, and when his wife contracted a nearly fatal case of Hepatitis, he decided to dedicate his life to the study of this liver disease. In 1959 the Soviets allowed Szmuness, and his wife and daughter, to return to Poland where he worked as an epidemiologist in the health department.

There are conflicting reports of how Szmuness came to America. According to Aaron Kellner, founder of the New York Blood Center, the Communists allowed Szmuness and his family to attend a scientific meeting in Italy in 1969. While there, they defected to the West. Allan Chase, author of Magic Shots, claims Szmuness was driven out of Poland in a 1968 Communist purge of the few remaining Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. Goodfield writes that Polish anti-Semitism cost Szmuness his job, resulting in his applying for a visa, which eventually enabled him to get out of Poland legally. From Rome, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society arranged for the family to come to the U.S.

Szmuness arrived in Manhattan with $15 in his pocket. Through the intervention of Walsh McDermott, Professor of Public Health at New York Hospital, Szmuness was fortunate enough to secure a position as a lab technician at the New York City Blood Center. Within a few years he was given his own lab, and a separate department of epidemiology at the Center was created for him. In record time he was appointed Professor at the Columbia School of Public Health. By the mid-1970s he was a world authority on Hepatitis.

By the late 1970s, Szmuness had been awarded millions of dollars in grant money and was fully prepared to undertake the most important mission of his life: the Hepatitis B vaccine experiment. First, Szmuness became acquainted with the gay community and added homosexual physicians and activists to his staff. He was taken into the gay ghetto where he viewed the baths, bars and discos. Promiscuous homosexuals were perfect guinea pigs, he thought. They would prove, beyond doubt, that Szmuness could wipe Hepatitis B off the face of the earth.

Targeting Gay Men For the Vaccine Experiment
In the late 1970s, a bloodmobile began canvassing the gay neighborhood in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan looking for volunteers. The experimenters were looking for men with no evidence (as measured by blood antibodies) of prior exposure to the Hepatitis B virus. The purpose of the vaccine was to determine if highly sexually-active men (who were Hepatitis B negative) could be protected by the vaccine. Over ten thousand men signed up and donated blood samples for Szmuness’ experiment. These stored blood specimens would eventually provide data regarding the spread of HIV/AIDS into the gay community.

Szmuness was very selective in the men he chose as finalists. He required that the men be highly promiscuous; in fact, the more promiscuous the better. He was testing a vaccine against a sexually transmitted virus; therefore, he didn’t want any monogamous men, or men with exclusive lovers, in his experiment. He also wanted men who were healthy, young, responsible, intelligent, and preferably white. Promiscuous bisexuals were acceptable, but heterosexual men were excluded from the experiment. The men had to have an address and a phone number, and be willing to provide blood samples over a long period of time.

The Hepatitis experiment was costly, and Szmuness didn’t want any uncooperative or hard-to-find gays messing up his experiment. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, were all involved in the study, as well as big pharmaceutical companies, such as Merck, Sharp & Dohme Inc., and Abbott Laboratories.

In preliminary experiments, Szmuness had first tested his vaccine in chimpanzees. He then tested two hundred volunteers, gay men who did not have Hepatitis B, by inoculating them with the vaccine. In the months before the official beginning of the experiment there had been no problem with the chimps or the volunteers. Szmuness was now ready to set the date for the final experiment – an experiment that would decimate the gay community in New York City, and then spread throughout the country.
The Vaccine Experiments and the Beginning of AIDS

The first group of gay men was inoculated between November 1978 and October 1979 at the New York City Blood Center. Over one thousand men from Manhattan were injected with Szmuness’ vaccine. During these trials there was great concern that the vaccine had been contaminated. According to June Goodfield in Quest for the Killers(p. 86), “This was no theoretical fear, contamination having been suspected in one batch made by the National Institutes of Health, though never in Merck’s.”

In January 1979, a few months after Wolf Szmuness began his experiment, purple skin lesions began to appear on the bodies of young white gay men in the Village area of Manhattan. The doctors were not sure what was wrong with these men. During the next thirty months, Manhattan physicians encountered dozens of cases of a new disease characterized by immunodeficiency, Kaposi’s sarcoma, and a rapidly fatal lung disease, known as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. All the men were young and gay. Almost all were white. All died horribly.

Within a few years, AIDS would become the leading cause of death of young men and young women living in New York City, and The Big Apple would be the epicenter of the new plague with the highest number of AIDS cases in the country.

In March 1980, the CDC supervised additional gay HBV experiments in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis and Chicago. In the fall of 1980, the first West Coast case of AIDS appeared in a young man from San Francisco. Six months later, in June 1981, the AIDS epidemic became “official.” No one could understand why large numbers of young, white, previously healthy homosexual men were dying mysteriously in Manhattan, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

By the beginning of the 1980s, Szmuness was awarded millions of dollars for his research, and his hugely successful Hepatitis vaccine was hailed as having tremendous global implications. He collaborated with the most powerful medical institutions in the nation: the NIH, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the FDA, the WHO, and the Cornell, Yale and Harvard Schools of Public Health, and the Russian Academy of Medical Science. Other global connections included the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyons, France, and close associations with third world African countries. Even the services of the Sengalese Army were employed to secure blood specimens in one of Szmuness’ many African experiments.

In June 1982, Wolf Szmuness died of lung cancer. In a posthumous account of Szmuness, the founding president of the New York Blood Center, Aaron Kellner, wrote:

He was the quintessential doctor’s doctor. Most physicians in their professional careers influence the lives of a few hundred or a few thousand people. Some fortunate ones can influence the lives of a few million. It is the rare physician who, like Wolf Szmuness, is given the grace to touch the lives of billions of people – those living on this planet and generations yet unborn.

A 1983 report, published after Szmuness’ death, detailed a new experimental Hepatitis B vaccine program in Kangwane, using Black South African infants as subjects.

Monkey Virus Business in Africa
From the very beginning of AIDS, government scientists claimed HIV originated as a primate virus from chimpanzees or monkeys in the African jungle. From these primates it is believed the HIV virus was “introduced” into the African black population. Years later, I learned of a connection between the Hepatitis B vaccine experiment at the New York Blood Center and its connection to an African primate laboratory that, to my knowledge, has never been revealed to the public.

In 1974, Albert Prince, head of the virus lab at the NY Blood Center, established a chimp virus laboratory in West Africa and became its director. Chimps were captured from various parts of West Africa and brought to VILAB. The lab prides itself by releasing “rehabilitated” chimps back into the wild. One of the purposes of VILAB II, located at the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research in Robertsfield, Liberia, was to develop the Hepatitis B vaccine in chimps. A few years later the experimental Hepatitis B vaccine was inoculated into gays at the Blood Center.

Also closely allied with the “pre-AIDS” development of a Hepatitis B vaccine is the little publicized primate colony outside New York City called LEMSIP (the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery). Until disbanded in 1997, LEMSIP supplied New York area scientists with primates and primate parts for transplantation and virus research.

Founded in 1965, LEMSIP was affiliated with the New York University Medical Center, where the first cases of AIDS-associated Kaposi’s sarcoma were discovered in 1979. Researchers at NYU Medical Center were also heavily involved in the development of the experimental Hepatitis B vaccine used in gays; and the Medical Center received government grants and contracts connected with biological warfare research beginning in 1969, according to Harvard researcher Leonard Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola. Horowitz concluded that AIDS and the Ebola viruses evolved during cancer virus experiments in which monkeys were infected with viral genes from other animals in the labs.

AIDS and the Gay Vaccine Experiment
Most people are unaware of the Hepatitis B experiments that immediately preceded the mass deaths in the gay community, but the details of the vaccine trials, and their effects on the health of homosexual men, are recorded in the annals of medical science.

After Szmuness’ death he was remembered and honored by a small coterie of distinguished scientists – the national and international medical power brokers who run medical science. On May 11, 1984, a landmark meeting took place in the nation’s capitol to honor Wolf Szmuness. One of the most distinguished attendees was Dr. Robert Gallo, who had announced the discovery of the AIDS virus three weeks earlier. Those who paid tribute to Szmuness also included the top government scientists in AIDS and cancer, the two discoverers of the AIDS virus, the most well-known researchers in animal experimentation, the heads of the most prestigious biomedical establishments in the nation, and the chief executives of drug companies tied to genetic engineering, vaccine production, and biological warfare research.

There was indeed a strange and ominous connection between cancer and AIDS, between animal experimentation and genetic engineering of viruses, between biological warfare technology and drug companies, between the Hepatitis B experiments and AIDS, between vaccine programs and the contamination of the nation’s blood supply. Why else would all these people from diverse areas of science be attending this high level government conference?

Despite the denial of the medical authorities, there was a connection between Szmuness’ HBV trials on gay populations and the outbreak of AIDS in American cities. It wasn’t my imagination. And it wasn’t a coincidence. The more I studied the Hepatitis B experiment, the more the connections to biological warfare and genocide became apparent.

African-Americans and Man-Made AIDS
Rarely would a black celebrity such as comedian Bill Cosby, or disco diva Grace Jones, or popular actor Will Smith, astonish people by declaring AIDS is a man-made disease. But in media interviews, the subject was quickly changed.

In 1992 Rolling Stone article black filmmaker Spike Lee predicted a lot of people would have to do a lot of explaining about AIDS one day. How could a mysterious and incurable disease appear out of nowhere and specifically target gays and minorities? Lee thought the mystery disease is “about as mysterious as genocide.” He wrote: “I’m convinced AIDS is a government-engineered disease. They got one thing wrong, they never realized it couldn’t just be contained to the groups it was intended to wipe out. So, now it’s a national priority. Exactly like drugs became when they escaped the urban centers into white suburbia.” He declared: “You might think I’m crazy about this one. I don’t think so.”

The human protective psychological device called “denial” is the strongest argument against AIDS as a man-made disease. For many people, the idea is too painful to bear and quickly dismissed. In my experience, physicians comprise the group most unreceptive to the concept. A common response of AIDS researchers to the issue is that they are so busy trying to find a cure for AIDS that they have no time to investigate such foolishness. Even gay AIDS activists use this ploy.

Why do AIDS activists avoid the subject of AIDS biowarfare? Undoubtedly, they fear a confrontation on this issue. Activists are constantly badgering the government for more funding. Accusing officials of deliberate gay genocide might cause the government to stop listening to their demands for funding.

According to the latest statistics posted on the Internet, about 20 million people worldwide have died of AIDS and 40 million more are infected with HIV, most in Sub-Saharan Africa. About 600,000 Americans have died. The disproportionately high rate of AIDS in the Black community raises the specter of black genocide. A New York Times editorial (“The ‘AIDS Plot’ Against Blacks,” May 12, 1992) emphasized that “bizarre as it may seem to most people, many Black Americans believe that AIDS and the health measures used against it are part of a conspiracy to wipe out the Black race.”

Scientific Evidence For Man-Made AIDS
After studying the scientific evidence for man-made AIDS for so long, it is difficult for me to imagine anyone who knows the “facts” surrounding the origin of HIV/AIDS who cannot see a possible connection between the gay HBV experiments and the outbreak of the “gay plague.”

Although the evidence is circumstantial, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that HIV (along with the new Kaposi’s sarcoma virus) was seeded into gay men via contaminated vaccines as part of the Hepatitis experiment. But during my initial study of the Hepatitis trials, I had overlooked the most obvious piece of evidence linking AIDS to Szmuness’ experiment. The strongest piece of evidence was in the tremendous success of the vaccine trials. According to June Goodfield:

In those (gay men) who received all three injections, 96 percent developed antibodies against the (Hepatitis) virus. Overall, the vaccine was shown to be 92.3 percent effective in protecting high-risk individuals against Hepatitis B; these findings are of an order of magnitude that has never been equaled in any other vaccine trial, either before or since.

The experiment could never have been so phenomenally successful if the gay men had HIV before the experiment. The reason for this is now obvious. More recent studies have shown that Hepatitis B vaccination is not very successful in immunodepressed people. In HIV-positive individuals, the success rate of the Hepatitis B vaccine is about 50 percent, only protecting one out of two people infected with the AIDS virus.

The gay men in Szmuness’ study were healthy before the experiment and damaged afterward. The cohort was infected with HIV at the time of the experiment – not before. By permanently changing the genetic structure (via HIV) of homosexual men, the HBV experiment devastated the homosexual community in America.

Health officials now place the odds at 50-50 of a teenage male homosexual reaching the age of 60 without becoming HIV-positive. Is AIDS a covert genocide program against homosexual men? Is AIDS genocide against Black Africans? For those aware of the evidence presented, the answer is yes. A 1986 report in JAMA showed 20 percent of the men in the experiment were infected with HIV by the end of 1981; and by 1984, more than 40 percent of the men were HIV-positive and doomed to death.

Another follow-up study of 8,906 gay men who donated blood for the Hepatitis experiments in Manhattan was released in 1992. Statistical analysis of this group showed that mortality rates for men aged 25-44 began to rise in the 1980s, with AIDS the leading cause of death among young men in New York City. Remarkably, “The all-cause mortality in this cohort in 1988 was 24 times higher that the mortality rate in the cohort before the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.”

A final paper appeared in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 1999 on the “natural history of HIV infection.” The fate of 120 gay men in the Manhattan Hepatitis B experiment was determined by the investigators. It is clear from “Table One” (of this report found online1) that 58 of these young men had died, and 93 percent of them had died of AIDS.

Primate Viruses Out Of Africa or a Laboratory?
Why is AIDS a heterosexual disease in Africa, and a “gay” disease in the United States? Do African Blacks make love differently than white heterosexuals? How did Black African men acquire HIV? Were they all sodomized? What kind of sexually transmitted agent spreads heterosexually in Africa and homosexually in America, and rarely, if ever, is transmitted between non-drug-using lesbians?

There are millions of white people in Sub-Saharan Africa. If HIV had been present for decades (as scientists insist), why is AIDS primarily a black man’s disease – and not also a white man’s disease in Africa? In the U.S., why was AIDS first discovered in white gays, but not in black gays?

There is no evidence that AIDS in America came from Africa or anywhere else outside of the USA. There is no possible way a black heterosexual sexually-transmitted epidemic in Africa could have transformed itself initially into a white gay man’s disease in America. That, in itself, is the “smoking gun.”

Why weren’t the first cases seen in Asian Americans or Native Americans? Why no cases in women? Why no cases in infants, in the elderly, and in immunodeficient people with chronic diseases – the groups most likely to acquire a contagious virus, and the groups most likely to die quickly from HIV? Was there no “incubation period” for HIV in the U.S.? As soon as the gay HBV experiment started, it was quickly followed by “gay-related immune deficiency disease” – later to be known as “acquired” immune disease.

Gay, Black, and Universal Genocide
The introduction of HIV via the Hepatitis B trials was a deliberate attempt to liquidate the gay community – and then blame homosexual men for spreading the disease to the “general population” because of their perverted and “high risk” lifestyle. Why did a new “gay disease” erupt as soon as homosexuals, the most hated people in America, presented themselves as guinea pigs to medical scientists? Another coincidence of nature caused by monkeys in the African jungle?

Why are new retroviral diseases, never before seen in modern medicine, appearing so soon after retroviruses were “discovered”? (Google: The Special Cancer Virus Program of the 1970s, the birthplace of HIV and AIDS) Why did the AIDS “supervirus” appear a decade after it was predicted by the biowarfare experts? (Google the Congressional testimony of biological warfare researcher “Dr. Donald MacArthur ” in 1969.) Another coincidence?

The public has been carefully taught that Blacks and Gays and African Green Monkeys are responsible for causing AIDS. These politically correct and scientifically correct “facts” are accepted by most people without question. How many more AIDS deaths are required before people speak out against this secret genocide – and the obvious connection of vaccine experiments and the “introduction” of lethal viruses into “select populations”? P


©2008 Alan Cantwell, MD. This article was published in Paranoia, issue 48, Fall 2008.

Dr. Cantwell is the author of several books on the man-made origin of AIDS, including,AIDS and the Doctors of Death (1988); Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot (1994); AIDS: The Mystery and the Solution (1986); as well as books on the bacterial genesis of cancer, including, The Cancer Microbe: Hidden Killer in Cancer, AIDS, and Other Immune Diseases (1990); and Four Women Against Cancer: Bacteria, Cancer and the Origin of Life (2005), all published by Aries Rising Press, PO Box 29532, Los Angeles, CA 90029 ( His books are available through and Book Clearing House at: 1-800-431-1579. His many articles on AIDS and Cancer can be found in back issues of Paranoia.

1. “Long-Term Survival after Infection with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) among Homosexual Men in Hepatitis B Vaccine Trial Cohorts in Amsterdam, New York City, and San Francisco, 1978-1995,” in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 1999 at:

Cantwell, Alan, AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic, Aries Rising, 1988.

Cantwell, Alan, Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot, Aries Rising, 1994.

Chase, Allan, Magic Shots: A Human and Scientific Account of the Long and Continuing Struggle to Eradicated Infectious Diseases by Vaccination, Olympic, 1982.

Goodfield, June, Quest for the Killers, Hill & Wang, 1987.

Horowitz, Leonard, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional? Tetrahedron, 1996.

Sound Bytes: Sermons quoted from Rev. Jeremiah Wright

“I said to Barack Obama last year, ‘If you get elected, November the 5th, I’m coming after you, because you’ll be representing a government whose policies grind under people.’ All right? It’s about policy, not the American people.”

“… [B]ased on this Tuskegee experiment and based on what has happened to Africans in this country, I believe our government is capable of doing anything. In fact, one of the responses to what Saddam Hussein had in terms of biological warfare was a non-question, because all we had to do was check the sales records. We sold him those biological weapons that he was using against his own people. So any time a government can put together biological warfare to kill people, and then get angry when those people use what we sold them, yes, I believe we are capable.”

“Jesus said, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you. Those are biblical principles, not Jeremiah Wright bombastic, divisive principles.”

“We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye. . . . We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

“The government gives them [blacks] the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law, and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America.’ No, no, no. God damn America. That’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme. . . . You know, that’s biblical. God doesn’t bless everything. God condemns something and d-e-m-n, demn, is where we get the word ‘damn.’ God damns some practices. And there is no excuse for the things that the government, not the American people, have done. That doesn’t make me not like America or unpatriotic.”

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